Sport Psychology

Dr. Rob Seifer is the Team Clinician for the Miami Dolphins and a Sport Psychologist for the Chicago White Sox.  As a performance enhancement specialist for elite athletes domestically and internationally, he provides techniques designed to help each athlete perform at their highest level.

Dr. Seifer is a licensed Psychologist, focusing on psychological performance enhancement for athletes, teams and coaches. Dr. Seifer created the POWER Program for Psychological Performance Enhancement which facilitates his clients' ability to maintain peak athletic performance in their sport. He provides individual, group and team consultation for athletes and coaches focused on increasing their athletic performance and general wellness through the use of psychological principles. Dr. Seifer specializes in mental preparation, routine development, increased attention, cognitive restructuring and stress reduction.

Through the POWER Program Dr. Seifer guides his clients through the process of achieving his or her true potential. ​ His interventions are research-based in effective treatment for improving the individual’s work, school, home and sport. Dr. Seifer applies his strategies to Olympic, professional, collegiate and amateur athletes.  He works with NFL athletes, MLB athletes, NBA athletes, world class sailing teams, professional tennis players, professional race car drivers and equestrian athletes.  He has experience working with amateur and collegiate baseball, football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, track/field, cross country, rowing, swimming/diving, volleyball and golf athletes. 

Dr. Seifer presents group motivational speeches, goal planning workshops, problem solving sessions with coaches and their team.  His seminars with athletes and teams allow for the development of individual performance and cohesiveness of a united team.

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"I honestly would not be at this level in my diving career without you.  You've helped me grow not only as a diver but more importantly as a person.  You've helped me keep my mind in the right place to achieve my goal." - Sam Dorman 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist

Hurricanes, Marlins reap physical benefits from mental acuity

Oct 25, 2014

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